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We’re on a mission to promote financial literacy through the innovative delivery of simplified, relatable, relevant, and fun information to help individuals lead a more prosperous life. Or said differently, we’re here to make learning about finance fun! We’d love it if you joined us!

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Introducing Flitity Connect!


Think Facebook(ish) but for all things finance. Make friends, send messages, and post pics on topics that matter! We understand why you wouldn’t post a question about debt or your income on the other social networking sites. With Flitity Connect you can join a community that promotes open dialog around finance. Register for free and start building your profile today! P.S. For those educators out there, this a fantastic engagement forum for your students…we’re just sayin’

A Social Network for Money Talk

Connecting Concepts Using Everyday Experiences


Complicated financial concepts made easy. Learn about routing numbers by setting up a hot date, understand overtime pay through relating it to an extra scene at the end of a great movie, or get your head around supply and demand by buying a video game. Near or far, we take financial topics and explain them in ways that relate to you! Plus, we don’t only give you the “what” it is, we tell you the “why” it matters.

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No Dry A$$ Text Books Required


We get bored trying to read about account types, liabilities, payment schedules, and the endless list of financial concepts we “should” all know. GOOD NEWS…we’ve done the reading and converted the meat of the content into short, easy to digest videos! Then we packaged those videos into easy to navigate courses. Now you can watch short, fun videos rather than drifting off to sleep after reading 10 pages of blah.

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What is Flitity?

Financial LITeracy & prosperITY, or Flitity, is here to help you better understand economics and finance so you can lead a more financially prosperous life. We use videos, fun, and topics you can relate to (not like those other sites). Get started now!

Flitity Connect

We think a lot of people and websites go wrong by not promoting open and honest dialog around finances. Register with Flitity and get access to the Flitity Connect community. Post comments, make friends, share ideas, and learn how others approach money related topics.

Flitity Courses

We’re changing the rules with this one too! Our video courses are designed to included lessons, topics, quizzes, and even assignments. Learn about a check’s routing number by setting up a hot date or overtime pay through an extra scene at the end of a movie. Learning about finance doesn’t have to suck and we’re here to prove it.


Text is boring! Flitity courses are presented almost entirely through video. Our animated videos are short, funny, and maybe even a little addicting. Yes, we know, video is way better than reading all the time!

Easy to Relate

We call it like it is. No long drawn out explanations with words that you’ve never heard of before. We take the difficult and make it easy by relating it to things like sports, dating, food, and much more!

Treat Yourself

A few hours and a few dollars today could significantly change your financial well being in the future. Go ahead and give yourself the gift of a better financial education. Get started today!

Becoming Financially Literate Has Never Been So Much Fun!

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The Secret

The secret is…financial literacy doesn’t have to be complicated. The problem however, is that all the educational information out there is hard to follow. It’s also pretty boring! Not anymore. Register for free to get started!

The Journey

Being financially secure has many benefits. Explore our courses, increase your understanding of the world of finance, and start building a better financial outlook for yourself now!

The Approach

Sign up, watch the videos, soak up the information, then repeat. Take a few notes along the way and before long, the mysterious world of finance won’t be so mysterious.

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What is Insurance?

Here’s an example topic on understanding insurance. Check it out!

What is Income?

Ever heard income explained by pirates plundering? Take a look…we know you want to!

If you like animated videos, you’re in luck! Our courses feature animated characters learning about finance in some non-traditional ways. Come on, you know you want to watch. Check out our courses now!




Tired of not understanding finance and being buried in debt? Flitity can help you do something about it!

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