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Financial literacy and prosperity…with a bit of fun!

Flitity is a nonprofit organization that, as of January 29th, 2016, is recognized as a 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code. Feel free to dive into our enlightening and funny courses and rest assured that by doing so, you are supporting a good cause!

We Relate To You

When we start talking about financial literacy and prosperity, we quickly lose our audience. Looks of confusion, frustration, and sheer boredom surface quickly. Understanding the dry nature of the topic at hand and the laundry list of financial websites that try to summarize concepts, we realize where it all goes wrong. Next to none (really zero if you ask us) of the financial tools aimed at educating people come close to making learning fun or relatable to everyday life.

Pushing Norms

We believe that to increase understanding around finance in general (financial literacy) in order to lead to more financially secure lifestyles (prosperity), we need to translate the boring, mind numbing, and occasionally idiotic terminology into everyday speak. Ask yourself, when is the last time someone explained the idea of compounding interest to you by using a six pack of beer? Or, how about understanding routing numbers by setting up a hot date with our sexy spokeswoman?

Important Note

We should note that here at Flitity.org, we are not certified financial planners, accountants, bankers, mathematicians, investors, or wizards. We are a couple of guys that do have backgrounds in lending, statistics, and data analysis and are just generally really good with numbers. Our intention is to help you understand, primarily at a high level, the concepts and terms you find in the financial world. The information we present is educational and directional in nature and is not intended to be substituted for qualified and/or certified financial assistance.

Thinking Out Loud

As we think about it, we see a few key ingredients in the path to financial success. Throw in a little of the “what”, add a pinch of the “why”, add a skosh of “how”, mix in a ton of humor, and finally a splash of luck and perfecto! We have a recipe for longer term prosperity.

  • The “What” 30%
  • The “Why” 20%
  • The “How” 5%
  • The Humor 40%
  • The Luck 5%


Estimated cups of coffee consumed monthly

Just an interesting aside, the co-founders love their coffee! We believe that in addition to the little pick-me-up it provides, in most definitely gets the creative juices flowing.