Serving Academic Institutions


Financial literacy, or the lack thereof, plagues people around the world. Our theory is that if we can connect with students as they embark on their lifelong financial journey, we can position them for a more prosperous life. To that end, Flitity works with academic institutions in order to provide access to courses and resources in a variety of scenarios. From community colleges to universities with enrollment numbers in the tens of thousands, Flitity is here to help.

Below are a few examples of how Flitity can help your academic institution

  • An individual teacher can utilizes Flitity’s courses to supplement his or her curriculum while promoting real and relevant discussions
  • A department such as Business or Economics, can leverage Flitity’s courses and social networking capabilities to encourage students to engage in learning outside the classroom
  • A University can partner with Flitity to provide access to all of its students during the enrollment process to promote financial literacy and enhance the overall value to the student experience
  • These are a just a few examples of how Flitity’s innovative solutions can support your academic institution. Contact us today to discuss options that fit your needs!