Serving Communities


Flitity is proud to work with communities, large and small, to promote and increase financial literacy. Communities face significant challenges on many fronts. The individuals that make up these communities also face their fair share of challenges. Flitity’s products and services aim to add value by promoting and offering financial literacy resources to members of a community. Access to financial literacy resources position individuals, and in turn, communities to grow and thrive in meaningful and financially stable ways.

Below are a few examples of how Flitity could help your community

  • A city becomes a member of Flitity and provides access to Flitity for all households by adding an access code to water bills
  • A community outreach program partners with Flitity to provide courses on basic economic principles, budgets, and basic money management for low to moderate income families
  • Programs designed to assist domestic violence victims partnering with Flitity can offer a helping hand to enhance their financial literacy while getting back on their feet
  • These are a just a few examples of how Flitity’s innovative solutions can support your community and its members increase financial literacy. Contact us today to discuss options that fit your needs!