Flitity for Educators

Being an educator is a tough job! Keeping students focused and being able to connect AND relate to them can seem impossible at times. Our solutions provide different options for educators to break through communication barriers with their students. Start driving participation and excitement in your classroom now!

Flitity Connect

People love to socialize! With Flitity Connect, educators can leverage the insatiable appetite students have for connecting and chatting. With Flitity Connect, students can friend and message other students, and even post pictures (a draft budget for example) as they progress on their financial journey. Flitity Connect fills the huge void where regular and honest communication regarding finance should reside.


Flitity Courses

Flitity courses range in length and time commitment but offer a little something for everyone. Some courses are completely free while others are offered at a nominal (we’re talking small here) fee. Or, purchase an Academic Membership to gain access to all of our courses for you and your students for a low annual fee. Imagine the conversations you can fire up in your classrooms as students start to explore our courses!

Certifications & Badges

We don’t have blinders on here at Flitity. Despite bringing a new approach to financial literacy, engaging students can still be difficult. To go along with both our free and paid courses, we’ve designed a series of certificates, awards, and badges students can collect and share with their friends. It’s just another small way that we’re adding some excitement to learning. Hey, who doesn’t like to collect things?

Newsletters & Updates

We know you’re busy. It can be easy to forget to check in to see what’s new on Flitity. We’ll help encourage you and your students to check back often for new content, courses, and member activity through our regular (not annoying or overwhelming) communication. Register today to receive our newsletter and stay connected with all the great stuff we’ve got going on!

Our Courses for your classrooms!

We’re here to help you connect and relate ideas and topics with your students. All of the paid courses on Flitity are offered to educational institutions at a discounted per student price. Whether you have 10,000 or more students in your purview or you’re a lone teacher with 25 students, we can help! Take advantage of our special introductory pricing today on the membership options below!

Do you have 150 students or less? Want to give access to all of Flitity’s courses for the next year to all of those student? Check out our Academic Preferred Membership option!

Need access for more than 150 students? Get and give access for to all of Flitity’s courses for the next year for up to 2,500 users with our Academic Premier Membership option!

If the options above don’t meet your needs, don’t worry! Just contact us and we can talk about what you’re looking for and how we can make it happen.