Flitity for Individuals

Increasing your financial literacy can be a boring and complicated process! Lucky for you we’re changing the game. Flitity’s courses and approach to increasing financial literacy brings a level of fun and relatedness never experienced before. Hey we think being different is a good thing! Check out some of the great things you benefit from as an individual member of Flitity.

Flitity Connect

People love to socialize! With Flitity Connect, you can do just that. You can friend and chat with other members, join groups and forums that are of interest, and even share pictures of what’s on your mind (a draft budget for example). Flitity Connect fills the huge void where regular and honest communication regarding finance should reside.


Flitity Courses

Flitity courses range in length and time commitment but offer a little something for everyone. Some courses are completely free while others are offered at a nominal (we’re talking small here) fee. Or, purchase an Individual Annual Membership to gain access to all of our courses for a low annual fee. If you want to learn about finance but don’t want to be bored out of your mind, our courses are for you!

Certifications & Badges

We don’t have blinders on here at Flitity. Despite bringing a new approach to financial literacy, keeping people engaged can be difficult. To go along with both our free and paid courses, we’ve designed a series of certificates, awards, and badges you can collect and share with your friends. It’s just another small way that we’re adding some excitement to learning. Hey, who doesn’t like to collect things?

Newsletters & Updates

We get it, people are busy. It can be easy to forget to check in to see what’s new on Flitity. We’ll help encourage you to check back often for new content, courses, and member activity through our regular (not annoying or overwhelming) communication. Register today to receive our newsletter and stay connected with all the great stuff we’ve got going on!

Change your financial outlook today!

Many people suffer from tons of debt. That, in part, comes from a lack of financial knowledge. Become a member with Flitity today and start your journey to a brighter financial future!

Experience all that Flitity has to offer with an Individual Annual Membership. Get started today with our special introductory price of $25 for the entire year! That’s access to all of our courses for the next 365 days for a little over twenty bucks. Not bad, not bad!