Serving Organizations


Organizations are under constant pressure to change and adapt. It isn’t surprising that employees of organizations find themselves in stressful situations as they juggle the demands of the office with both the joys and responsibilities at home. Financial responsibilities play a large role in the level of stress employees experience. By partnering with Flitity, organizations can further enhance their employee benefits package and provide employees with innovative and fun financial literacy resources. Increased financial literacy may help increase financial stability at home, which in turn, can lead to more focused and productive employees at the office.

Below are a few examples of how Flitity can help your organization

  • By incorporating Flitity into new employee onboarding, your organization provides meaningful financial literacy resources from day one
  • A local Realtor partners with Flitity to offer financial literacy resources to clients looking to purchase a new home
  • Help your employees get involved. As a nonprofit organization, Flitity is always looking for volunteers. From organizing fundraisers to writing scripts for new courses, your organization can help our organization help others
  • These are a just a few examples of how Flitity’s innovative solutions can support your organization. Contact us today to discuss options that fit your needs!