We Relate


We realize that you have choices when it comes to financial literacy. Admittedly, there are a lot of great sites out there. Despite the resources, people continue to face serious financial challenges everyday. Here at Flitity, we believe a very large part of the equation that will fill the gap when it comes to people understanding finance, lies in how easily people can relate to the concepts. When you read about an amount of a commodity and the desires of buyers for it being considered factors of price, it just sounds foreign. But, if you say the price of a watch goes up on eBay as more people show an interest in buying…now that resonates. Just in case you are wondering, we’re talking supply and demand here. Now to the point, Flitity relates complicated topics to everyday things people understand!

The ability to relate financial topics to everyday things sets you up for fun and success. Check out a few more examples below

  • People can relate to going on a date. Flitity relates a check’s routing and account numbers to setting up a hot date with a new crush
  • We take the concepts of hourly and salary and relate them to an afternoon picking apples at the apple orchard. Are you in for a peck or a bushel?
  • Or, one of our favorites, explaining the concept of a budget by using the seesaw at a local park
  • These are a just a few examples of how Flitity’s unique approach to relate difficult financial concepts to fun, everyday experiences can help you learn!